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Pea Seeds (Snow) - Dwarf White Sugar OPEN POLLINATED

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5 Pound Sack $49.95 ($9.99/Lb.)
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  • Open Pollinated
  • 50 Days to Harvest
  • Prefers full sun exposure

Product Description

Grow Heirloom Peas – Plant Dwarf White Sugar Pea Seeds:

Dwarf White Sugar Pea pods are sweet, tender, and flat measuring just 2-2.5" long. Pick early and often to promote growth, this is a beautifully tasting pod in stir fries as it is completely stringless! Dwarf size (about 3' high) makes it perfect for smaller gardens, expect harvest after 50-60 days. Been growing in gardens since the 19th century!

  • Fast Facts

    Name:Dwarf White Sugar Peas
    Botanical Name:Pisum sativum "Dward White Sugar"
    Type:Open-Pollinated Sugar Snow Pea
    Size at Maturity:2 1/2" Pods
    Days to Maturity:50 Days
    Light Requirement:Full Sun
    Planting Time:Cool Season
    Sowing Method:Direct Sow
    Planting Depth:1"
    Plant Spacing:6"
    Seeds per Pound:NA
    Hardiness Zones:All

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Product Reviews

Global Rating: 5.00 from 1 reviews
Pea Seeds (Snow) - Dwarf White Sugar 5.0

Review By Rick Magers

Snow peas

I live on Chokoloskee Island, Florida, and where I have my little trailer several inches of gravel was spread atop the shells that made Chokoloskee the largest of the famous, 10,000 islands...because of this, I plant my flowers and veggies in those big black vinyl containers that trees are sold in...however, I grow a lot of vegetables in them...I put snow peas that I bought from Eden Brothers on a salad every day...I just passed MM-80 and am heading toward MM-100...check out my books on

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