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Borage Seeds Borage officinalis

Borage Seeds - Packet
5.00 (7 reviews)

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Product Description:

Similar in taste to certain types of cucumber, borage is a tasty culinary herb that is widely used in Europe and increasingly popular in the United States.Borage also produces very attractive edible flowers.Plant borage seeds in a sunny spot with well-drained soil.

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Customer Feedback:

5.00 Global Rating: 5.00 from 7 reviews
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Borage Seeds 5.0 Great germination By Chris Herron I had heard that bees really like the flower on borage and that ones established it will see itself. I mixed with the bee pollinator mix and sewed the seeds right before a spring rain. I do have drip spray heads which provide regular light watering and they are thriving.
Borage Seeds 5.0 Great choice fast growing By Carole Lynne Davies Looking forward to large plants and realizing I sowed seed to closely for plants to have enough room. Surprised at close to 100% germination rate and pleased with the lush growth.
Borage Seeds 5.0 Terrific By Paul Sauerteig Fast, tremendous growth. Keep watered regularly - if borage dries out, it will quickly begin to wilt and slacken. Luckily, they'll shoot right back up when watered - don't wait too long, though!
Borage Seeds 5.0 borage seeds By Jane Maheu They was a gift to my sister who was thrilled to get them.. She has a bee shortage in her town because of pesticides and plenty of space to sow the seeds.
Borage Seeds 5.0 great purchase By Janine The seeds arrived quickly and in great condition. wonderful germination rate so far. No issues at all.
Borage Seeds 5.0 Added Boost By Rick Matthews Plant these near your tomato plants. These repel the hornworms that attack tomato plants, and produce a synergistic taste improvement in the fruit of the plant.
Borage Seeds 5.0 More Folks should grow and eat this By Matt K Franklin This herb or is it a herb? is great. Tastes great.

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