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  • Perennial; Grows up to 3 ft Tall with 4 Inch Flowers
  • Late Summer Blooming, Easy to Grow,White Blooms With Mahogany Heart
  • Prefers Full Sun

Product Description

Abyssinian Gladiolus - Peacock Orchid - Acidanthera murielae

This species of Gladiolus has a large number of common names, including Abyssinian gladiolus, Fragrant gladiolus, Sword lily and Peacock orchid. Native to the mountain areas of East Africa. Sword-shaped medium green leaves in upright fans typical of gladiolus give way to fragrant star-shaped white flowers with dark purple throats. Beautiful late blooming addition to your garden with late summer to early fall blooms.

  • Fast Facts

    Name:Peacock Orchid
    Botanical Name:Acidanthera murielae
    Life Cycle:Perennial
    Bulb/Tuber Size:8 cm Circumference
    Color:White Blooms With Mahogany Heart
    Planting Season:Spring
    Bloom Season:August - September
    Height at Maturity:3ft Stems, 4" Flowers
    Planting Depth:3" - 4" Deep
    Light Requirement:Full Sun
    Hardiness Zones:8 - 10

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